Unfortunately, Camp Legacy 7 is over! This page is archived. 

Check the Status section on the main Camp Legacy page for information on Camp Legacy 8!

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The Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Southern Region (UVSA South) invites you to the 7th Annual Camp Legacy. Please follow this page for more information.

Camp Legacy is a weekend-long retreat open to anyone who wishes to expand their network within UVSA South. The event aims to connect new leaders of the region and build relationships between both VSA officers and members. We strive to provide a fun and safe environment for young professionals to inspire and learn from each other. Everyone who aims to grow their leadership and interpersonal skills is encouraged to come experience Camp Legacy!

More information to come! Until then, please enjoy our Camp Legacy 6 recap video!

This year’s Camp Legacy theme is “Right Here, Right Now.” As we move forward into a new generation of VSA, we see that life is ever-changing. Our theme reminds us to slow down and cherish every moment we share together in this space and to enjoy the presence of the community we have created. Join us this summer in creating everlasting memories and remembering that tomorrow can wait for another day: Right here, right now.

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