What is a Summit Bid Packet?

A bid packet is a document that answers certain logistical questions the Executive Board may have about a potential location for UVSA South’s annual Leadership Summit. Please continue reading to learn more about how to submit a Bid Packet for Leadership Summit!

  • Name of School/Location of Campus
  • Letter of Intent, signed by the President and one other VSA member of this partner school
  • Why should it be in this city, and why should it be on this campus?
  • Venue Suggestions:
    • Is booking rooms typically free for student organizations or paid?
    • What size auditorium could your campus offer for all-attendee programming? (For reference, last Summit’s total attendance was approximately 250.)
    • Are there several workshop rooms available within the same building? Nearby?
    • Would Leadership Summit Staff be able to book the venue through your local VSA?
    • Are we able to book Audio/Video equipment with our reservation?
    • Does it cost to book A/V equipment?
  • Please give a proposed budget needed to run Summit. This can include a breakdown of potential revenue and expenditures, please be as detailed as possible.
  • Do you have any suggestions for hotels in the area for attendees to stay in?
    • i.e. What kind of rates do they offer for rooms?
  • What is the parking like on campus for visitors?
  • Does your campus have recycling and/or composting bins throughout?
  • Include contact information for further questions
  • Describe the Multicultural life on campus
    • E.g. Is there an Office of Diversity? Do they often get involved with an event such as multicultural leadership conferences? Does your school often allocate funds to multicultural events? Will there be a big attendance base from this particular campus?
  • Does the Asian-American community in the area typically sponsor events such as Summit?
  • What is there to do in this particular city for pre- and post-Leadership Summit?
  • Do you have suggestions for things to include in the programming?
  • Who do you recommend for ED? Can refer to multiple people or yourself.
  • The purpose of these bid packets is to gather as much information on possible locations for Summit. We ask that you please be honest and disclose all information our event staff may need to know in order to host Summit. There are no wrong or right answers.
  • Can’t answer a question? Just do your best to answer the question or indicate how we can look into it. Your packet will not be penalized if information is not available to you.
  • Keep in mind: If your bid packet is chosen, this does not automatically indicate that you will or won’t be the next Executive Director. If multiple candidates were proposed under the same bid packet, separate deliberations will need to take place in order to determine the most qualified candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are free to present the information however you choose, so long as the basic criteria listed above is answered in the document. While we value creativity, what we’re looking for most is that we have lots of information on potential locations. But feel free to get as creative as you want!

Deliberation will take place immediately after the deadline, so please be available to answer any questions that might arise from your packet via email.

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