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When To Post

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Things to Keep In Mind While Posting Content

  1. Make the content interesting to read.
    • Visuals work very well in a visual world. Post a RELEVANT image to your content based on the information you’re presenting.
    • Don’t just throw it together. Spend time to brand the posts. Include logos as necessary.
  2. Not too long, not too short, but detailed too.
    • Long posts lost your audience.
    • Short posts seem like you’re half-assing a post. Don’t do that. It gives the impression of laziness.
    • Be detailed enough to cover the details. Section off necessary details so they can follow up on it when they have the time to.
  3. Engage your audience.
    • Give them a “Plan of Action”. Make them follow up and do more research. This gives them initiative to want to know more. It may be a “Click to Learn More” or “Follow us on our social networks”.
  4. Leave contact information.
    • There are times where you post something and your audience may have a follow up question. How can they ask you when you don’t leave information?
  5. Most importantly: KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL
    • We are a professional organization. Yes we can have fun but do it in a manner that reflects a professional business. These are there for the potential sponsors who see our content. If we’re using words like “Sup doodes!” we would not be leaving a lasting impression on potential sponsors.