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The Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Southern Region (UVSA South) is proud to present the 10th annual Leadership Summit on April 1st to 3rd, 2022 at the University of Texas at Dallas.
UVSA South’s Annual Leadership Conference is a chance for leaders to come together for a weekend, filled with professional career workshops, real-life discussions, alongside many social and bonding activities! UVSA South is composed of Vietnamese Student Associations (VSAs) and its variants from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Our mission and goals are to provide networking information for the Vietnamese Student Associations, serve as an advisory role for VSAs under its jurisdiction and within its boundaries, provide financial support and advisory of VSAs, take an active role in social justice missions and advocacy, promote community service and philanthropy projects, and increase Vietnamese cultural awareness. Additionally, UVSA South is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of leaders who will serve as leaders of the Vietnamese community.
Every story’s ending is prefaced by many difficulties, but how do you get past those difficult times and manifest the ending you want? Unlike fairy tales, stories do not simply happen when you turn the page. You get to forge the future you want, and you control the outcomes. The future may be unknown, but the characters you meet along the way will propel you into the next chapter of your story. Join us at Leadership Summit X, where you will discover how to turn the page and Illuminate Your Story.
• Networking opportunities with a large diverse group of students & young professionals from across the Southern Region (Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas) and beyond!
• Improve leadership skills
• Increase cultural awareness
• Amazing interactive sessions and keynotes
• Memories for a lifetime!
• And SO much more!
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Travelers: For those looking for the nearest airport for Summit, we recommend flying into the DAL or DFW airports. If you are in need of transportation to and from the airport, please contact our Logistics director, Vanessa Dinh, at vanessa.dinh@uvsasouth.org.
Please direct all questions you may have about Leadership Summit overall to summit@uvsasouth.org!
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Please read the workshop descriptions below.

Joseph Campbell’s mythic structure of the hero’s journey works in Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and other Western folk, fairy, and myths. This structure is also deeply ingrained in the American life with origins including, but not limited to, Manifest Destiny, the American economy, and mental health. LSS – this character structure doesn’t work in reality. Using multiple theatre exercises including improvisation and devising, we explore together what it means to look at the hero’s journey from a Buddhist point of view to better understand karmic influences…or in Campbell’s words “tests.” *Note: This workshop session will last two hours.*

In response to the increased rise of Anti-Asian/American, xenophobic harassment, and anti-hate towards marginalized communities of color, OCA is providing educational and awareness tools to combat these types of systemic oppression. This workshop is an interactive training to teach people on how to be a confident and effective bystander against racism and discrimination. At the end of the training, each participant will have the tools to be able to intervene as a bystander whenever they see or experience harassment.

VieTalk prides itself on offering zero-cost, interactive, and activity-packed lessons while constantly curating them to fit the students’ needs. This workshop will teach you how to introduce yourself in Vietnamese through many engaging activities. While participating in this workshop, you will have a glance into the mission and operation of VieTalk and opportunities to connect with a 300-strong community.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:
1. Have an enjoyable experience learning the Vietnamese language and culture.
2. Obtain some basic Vietnamese through interactive games and activities hosted by our leaders and instructors of VieTalk.
3. Understand Vietnamese learning opportunities and resources available at VieTalk.

Can you express and control your emotions? If you can, can you also understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others? This workshop breaks down Emotional Intelligence by first defining what it is and then diving into understanding one’s own emotions. This will include lessons on how to prevent cognitive hijacks, disrupt thinking, and shift perspectives. Afterwards, we will explore how to take this ability and turn it outwards; understanding other’s emotions. This section will go over how to empathize and how to build successful relationships. Lastly, we will discuss how having a developed Emotional Intelligence will help in your career and in life.

Everyone has their own burdens and combats it differently. There will be those who choose to ignore it, those who are combating it, and those who are unsure where they are. There’s emotional baggage that comes with trying to make a change. The baggage can be good or tough to deal with, but regardless, will take a toll and add unbeknownst stress. It’s added weight that friends, family, and mentors can help you carry while continuing to live life. The three things I want you to think about while attending this workshop: Where you started, where you are, and where you’re going to be. The person you were 4 years ago and 4 years from now, will not be the same here today. What issue or aspect can I make a concerted effort to achieve what I want to achieve? What can I control? Where do I need to make a concerted effort to be the best version?

Everyone has had some sort of goal they wanted to achieve. Whether it’s to be a doctor, go to space, be a firefighter, professional athlete, lose weight, gain weight, or even go to the grocery store and buy ingredients, everyone has had some sort of goal. Life as we know it is full of milestones, goals and plans to make sure we stay on track. However, on the path we walk towards the goal, we face struggles, difficulties and the f word, failure. Some start ahead of others, be it being born in a better economically stable family, having access to a good educational support system or a loving family. Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare, you will face failure. How do you turn that into a learning experience? How do you get back up? What are the next steps after I just cried on my grocery list?

In a life led by meetings, work, and school, the number one problem we face as a generation is vulnerability to burnout and stress. While we may have been raised to buy into hustle culture, there is an important component of a healthy and productive lifestyle that we are often missing: creative play. Creative play is critical to a balanced and more fulfilled lifestyle, as finding that right outlet for creative energy can lead to happier humans. In this workshop, we will explore what creative play is, why it’s so paramount to a wonderful life, and engage in a little creative play ourselves! This will include a wide range of different art forms. No artistry skills required to join, just an open mind and heart!

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was great, be a content creator (and make a lot of money), or wanted to build your own business or brand? There are few examples of successful entrepreneurs in the Asian American space due to misconceptions that it is out of their reach. Join David, a CEO of a start-up, in a session to learn how your life can change by breaking out from your comfort zone, and how anyone can become a part-time entrepreneur.

Experience the traditional arts of Lion Dancing in forms you have never imagined. Learn how the music, the movements, and a bit of imagination tells a story that isn’t just a stage show, but an adventure. Get ready to be hands on with drums, cymbals, and even a full size lion costume!

This workshop is titled “Advancing the Plot” and will center on Asian Americans (specifically Vietnamese Americans) being the main characters of their own stories and how they can use their narratives and experiences to advocate for their communities. This workshop is presented by members of PIVOT, the Progressive Vietnamese American Organization.

Many people that come into VSA are so awe-inspired by what it offers. The vibe, the people, the activities, the bonding, it’s all great! But everyone has to leave VSA eventually (adulting, who knew). What story and legacy will you leave behind for others? More importantly, how will others be impacted by said story and legacy? Whether you’re in any kind of VSA position or you’re thinking of taking one on, my goal is to show you how your actions today can affect the success of those that come after you via a simulation of activities, and how that translates into the real world.

Everyone has their own problems within their story, but finding a temporary escape from reality isn’t. Just like how some people can pick up a book and immerse themselves into a story to escape their current stressful situation, dance can help clear one’s mind with a creative outlet. Lose yourself in the music, let every emotion flow out of your body, and express yourself through the movement. Learn how dance can help YOU escape the stressful times of everyday life through relating dance with your body and strengthening that relationship to evolve those limiting conversations with yourself to empowering ones.

Please select ONE workshop for sessions 1 & 2.
Note: If you are selecting Simone's workshop, please do not select a second workshop as hers will be 2 hours.


What is Career Corner?

Career Corner is an interactive panel and breakout session during Saturday programming of Summit, where instead of breaking out by industries, attendees will be broken out by professional skills they wish to improve! There will be 6 breakout sessions: Resume Building and CV’s, Interviewing, Continuous Learning in the Workplace, Changing Career Paths, Finances, and Building a Personal Brand.

Please select ONE Career Corner session for sessions 1 & 2.

Note: Please do not select the same topic for both sessions.

Please direct any questions regarding Programming at summit.programming@uvsasouth.org.