Camp Legacy

Regarding Camp Legacy 2020

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To our UVSA South Community,

We are sorry to inform you today that Camp Legacy 6 will not take place this year. We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation within our region and feel at this time it is best to cancel this year. This was an incredibly difficult decision to make, and we are sorry to do so. We hope that everyone continues to keep not only their own personal safety, but the safety of others in mind as we navigate these difficult times. 

For those of y’all missing UVSA South, we encourage you to check out our wonderful VSAMate program linked below. There you’ll find weekly events such as Thoughtful Thursdays, Teach Me Tuesdays, etc. You can interact with members of our region, learn new things, participate in fun challenges, and play fun games all virtually.

We can’t stress enough the importance of remaining vigilant about social distancing during these times. Please continue to take all precautions to limit the spread of this virus, because it’s not just about you but it’s also about peripheral people in your life. We cannot see the impact we’ve had on the spread of the virus, so it’s easy to think that we are not the cause of pain and suffering on others. But we are all responsible in some form or capacity for the progression of this virus. So please, take into consideration the impact you have on others when you step into public spaces.

Thank you to our healthcare workers, front line workers, and essential workers who have continued to work to support us. We are deeply grateful for your service.

Camp Legacy programming will resume next year at this time, conditions permitting. And we hope to see you under the starry night sky then. Until then, be safe and be well <3

-Lillian, Matt, Chris, Tommy, and Nick